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2022/2023 SEASON



Britta Booth


As a professional Horse Riding Coach and Holistic Therapist (specialist in acupuncture and homeopathic), I have a long history of working with horses, which originated in Germany over 30 years ago. Starting as a stable girl and progressing to tour with professional riders (namely Alfred Bierlein, Ingrid Klimke and Benjamin Winter), looking after and treating their horses, and making them feel their best through the long eventing season. I have a growing customer base across the North Island and South Island of New Zealand, after moving here at the start of 2018. I moved to NZ from England, where I trained and prepared horses moving to the Singapore Polo Club and Riding School.
My goal is to get horses and riders to their 'best feeling,' get stronger and comfortable in what they love to do!

David Ringwood.jpg

Hi my name is David Ringwood. I’m back for season 2. 
I started riding when I was about 8 and got my own pony when I was 10. I dabbled in everything equestrian and found success in eventing and showjumping but specifically showjumping taking my pony to Pony GrandPrix before selling him to Japan. I was lucky enough to ride, train and compete internationally before taking a 20-year break from horses. I came back to riding as an adult rider 8 years ago and my passion is now dressage. I have a wonderful advanced dressage horse Zak who many of you know and some of you have ridden and a couple of baby horses in my team. My aim with Zak is to compete him PSG this season with the goal to take him to GrandPrix in the near future. I enjoy dressage training and coaching and helping rider and horses progress. 
I’m currently a NZ listed dressage judge.

David Ringwood


Rebecca Merrick.jpg

Rebecca Merrick


Hi, I’m Rebecca and I’m excited to be coaching this season. I am a competitive show jump and dressage rider that has produced horses to Prix St George in dressage and 1.35m in show jumping. I have a vast amount of experience training young, hot and sensitive horses.
I continue my own training with an international coach overseas and I look forward to helping riders improve and find success with their own individual goals.

Gail Seeley_edited_edited.jpg

Gail Seeley


Gail started riding when she was 10, joined Pony Club at 11, and gained her full B Certificate. She represented the District and Area in Show jumping and jumped to 1.35cm. She enjoyed eventing to 1.10cm horse trials/PC Open level and Dressage to Elementary level (Level 3). She has been judging Dressage, Ribbon Days, A&P shows, Miniature Horse and Inhand Breed shows for over 25 years, and has also been a B Certificate Examiner for over 15 years. She owns three horses: Veni (semi-retired), Teejay, and Niro. “NZPCA, which WPPC is part of, is a fantastic movement helping young riders to excel in their riding and care for the horse. I've been part of NZPCA since I was young and coaching has become a passion of mine - giving back and watching  riders become established riders with great achievements.”

Kate Tobeck.jpg

Kate Tobeck


I'm Kate Tobeck and I coach one of the D/D+ rides. You may have seen me around the club with Sophia and Gordon as well as organising events for WPPC. I've been coaching for a few years now starting with RWH. I've wanted to coach since I was a small rider myself so this is a dream come true for me. I am very passionate about building safety and solid foundations into my young riders so that they can progress up the levels happy and confident. Quality pony care is also a focus, your pony is your team mate and they deserve to be treated with respect and love. Our ride play a lot of games, have a lot of laughs and a ton of fun. 

Nicola Ward.jpg

Nicola Ward


I have coached for over 35 years in different countries, and have had the pleasure and privilege of working with a diverse range of riders and horses of different ages, abilities and experience. I am passionate about helping riders to develop transferable skills, proven principles that will establish strong basics from which to move forward.

Vicki Wilson_edited.jpg

Lauren Whyte

Coach - RWH

Hi my name is Lauren, I have been riding for about 14 years and first got involved with pony club at the age of 10. I got my first pony at 12 and since then I have competed in pony club events, but in recent years, focusing on show jumping to 1.30m level. I have spent 2 years working and riding in Ireland as a groom for a show jumping rider, and I am looking forwards to sharing my passion and knowledge about horses.


Briarna Williams


Hi my name is Briarna (or known to a lot of people as Bee). I was very lucky to grow up with horses, having my first pony Trigger at 4. I have been involved in Pony Club since I was 6 and started competing at 8. I have been a coach at Pony Clubs for 8 years. I am predominantly a 1* eventer but I like to do a bit of everything, of late that has been showing. If you don't find me teaching people to ride horses, I am in a classroom teaching Year 2 students. I have represented Area in Dressage and Games and Waitemata District in Dressage, Games, Eventing and Showjumping, including 8 years at NISJC. I have competed at HOY for the last 6 years mostly in Showing but also Showjumping. I enjoy seeing my riders flourish and out competing, doing what they love. I encourage my riders to not only try their best but to have fun and enjoy themselves. I look forward to seeing you all around the club and enjoying the season!

Vicki Wilson_edited.jpg

Vicki Wilson

Coach - Adult Ride

Vicki is a regular member and rider around Pony Clubs and we are looking forward to having her on our coaching team.
Vicki learned to ride as a child through the school of ‘hard-knocks’ and Shetland ponies. She then returned to riding as an adult and now competes in Eventing, Show Jumping and Dressage. She has 3 horses on her property at home, with two of them currently in work for the season ahead.
Vicki has completed her Coaching Qualification (Level 1) with ESNZ, her NZPCA (D/D+) Coaching Certificate, and has 30+ years of professional coaching across a range of industries and occupations.
Vicki is committed to helping riders pursue their goals, develop confidence in their riding and having fun with horses.

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