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Q: What is Pony Club?

A: Pony Club is about having fun with your horse while learning about riding and horse management. During the riding season (September to April), riders attend weekly rallies which are basically group training sessions. At Wainoni Park Pony Club we have qualified coaches who teach the NZPCA syllabus and riders work through certificate levels from ‘D’ to ‘A’.  Riders are organised into small groups according to age/ability and are assigned a rally coach for the season. Riders have a practical and theory exam (verbal, not written) that they are required to pass to move up to the next level.  We also have various closed and open competitions in many different disciplines (dressage, eventing, show jumping, ribbon days, show hunter and mounted games) that the riders take part in.

Q: Do I need to have my own horse or pony to attend Pony Club?

A: Yes, you need to either own or lease your own horse or pony.  We offer 'Riders without Horses' programmes for children who do not have a horse or pony yet. These are interactive theory sessions and do not include riding lessons.

Q: Do you offer riding lessons?

A: We are not a riding school - all horses and ponies at Wainoni Park Pony Club are privately owned or leased and are not available for riding lessons. Riding members attend group riding lessons on their own horse or pony at weekly rallies during the riding season (September to April). Additional clinics are held throughout the season and riders may also organise their own riding lessons outside of club rallies. Non-members with their own horse or pony can purchase a ground pass to attend clinics or use the arenas or grounds for private lessons.  

Q: I am not a member of Wainoni Park Pony Club, can I still come and use the arena and grounds?

A: Yes, there is a ground fee of $25 per combination per day. Please complete the Ground Pass Request form. 

Q: Can I graze my horse or pony at the club grounds?

A: Riding members (under the age of 25) have the option to graze their horse or pony on-site or at the club’s off-site location. Please understand that grazing numbers are limited and on-site grazing is very popular so there is a waitlist. If you want to be added to the waitlist, please contact the grazing manager ( 

Q: How old do I need to be to join Wainoni Park Pony Club?

A: Our Tuesday night rallies cater for ages 7 to 24.  Our Riders Without Horses programme caters for children
aged 7+. 

Q: Can adult riders join Wainoni Park Pony Club?

A: Yes, we have adult rallies on Monday mornings and Thursday nights during the riding season (September to April).  Adult members enjoy full use of the facilities year-round, but adults aged 25+ cannot graze their horses on-site at Wainoni Park.

Q: Do members have to commit to duties and working bees?

A: Yes, Wainoni Park Pony Club is a family-orientated club run and organised by volunteers. All riders together with their families care for our club grounds and facilities by committing to duty rosters and working bees. Members are encouraged to get involved in keeping the club operational and are expected to provide assistance at club-hosted events. Grazing members have additional duties in caring for our paddocks and the welfare of our herds.

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