Membership Registration

All new and existing members must register/renew their membership through the New Zealand Pony Club Association (NZPCA) national database NOMINATE.  

All members aged under 18 must be registered in association with an adult member. Please register the adult member first.


Membership Requirements

As part of the registration process, members must read and agree to the Membership Requirements and rules contained in the WPPC Members Handbook.  Members must also read and agree to comply with the Rally Risk Management Plan.  


NZPCA levies ('National Body Fee') must be made paid via NOMINATE and you will need a credit card or paypal account.

Club membership fees can be paid via NOMINATE or you can choose to pay Wainoni Park Pony club directly via internet banking (select 'Pay the Club Directly') to avoid processing fees.

Wainoni Park Pony Club bank account: 12-3136-0049691-00

Membership with Wainoni Park Pony Club is not approved until enrolment has been completed and NZPCA levies and club membership fees have been paid.

New Member Registration

Membership Renewal

(current members) 

Membership Renewal for Current Members

CHECK YOUR EMAIL - you should receive an email with a link to renew your membership
(make sure you check your junk folder).

If you don't receive a renewal email,  you can login to NOMINATE using your member ID and password to renew your membership.


Please email bookswppc@gmail.com if you need your member ID, your password reset, or any other assistance renewing your membership.