Enrolment & Prices

Enrolment will be done online from 2020 onwards

Please log on here to register: https://nz.nominate.com.au/Clubs/NZPCA.aspx


If you are already registered, please use your email and password to log on and renew your membership.  

If you need your password to be reset or if you need any other details please email secretarywppc@gmail.com


Prices as of June 2021 (note these are subject to change)

Annual membership prices for 2021/2022 season (these include all NZPCA levies) 

Member Type                                             Price including GST

Adult Member - Parent                                                     $24.20

Adult Member - Paid Coach                                           $24.20

Horsemaster (adult ride)                                                 $345.00

Horsemaster with voting rights                                   $360.00

Riders Without Horses Member                                   $172.50

Riding Member (New Member inc joining fee)       $448.50

Riding member (2nd or 3rd member of family)     $356.81

Riding Member 18-25                                                          $391.00

Riding Member U18                                                              $391.00

Monthly fees for grazers:

Grazing fee                             $178.25 (includes grazing, hay and wormer surcharge)

Float parking fee                 $11.50

Truck parking fee                $15.00

Other fees:

WPPC uniform shirt                   $46 (this is mandatory for the Tuesday evening rally. Other optional  uniform items also available)

Winter hay fee for grazers      Included in monthly grazing fee

Worming for grazers                  Included in monthly grazing fee


Competiton fees

WPPC currently covers 50% of the entry fees for members representing WPPC at area or national pony club events